Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu | Digital Marketer, Speaker, Agency Builder

Your #1 job as a founder is NOT having the best product, taking care of your customers, raising capital, or making strategic decisions.

I’ve talked to hundreds of successful founders and they consistently agree upon one thing…

Your #1 job is to find and develop the right people.

When you take care of your people, they take care of the rest of the details.

I’ve had to drive people to the hospital, resolve landlord issues, buy vehicles, listen to unhappy girlfriends, and go clothes shopping– all in the name of taking care of our people.

When you go the extra mile for your people, they will do the same for you.

You as a founder cannot be the best salesperson, the best engineer, the best marketer, and the best finance person all at the same time– even if you had 25 hours per day.

Trust your people with decision making– give them explicit permission to think.

One of my mentors said to never come to him with a problem unless I had at least one potential solution, too, no matter how silly. 

This leadership technique saved him countless hours of micromanaging the details, since people were empowered to think for themselves.

The best founders I know, whether they run a ball bearing manufacturing company or software firm, spend most of their time developing their people.