Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu | Digital Marketer, Speaker, Agency Builder

That’s $1,500 a minute or $25 per second.

When I started as an analyst American Airlines, I made $36,500 per year.

It took me a WHOLE YEAR to earn that same amount of money, working 60 hours per week.

This is not a “get rich” story, but a hard lesson that I learned in perspective as a business owner.

LOOK FOR LEVERAGE POINTS: This morning, Logan and I were on Billy Gene’s show. At the end, he decided to make a bundle offer to his audience, each of contributing one of our courses for a big discount.

Were it not for Billy’s 450 live viewers, we couldn’t have generated that many sales on the spot, no matter how good our courses are.

In your life right now, what are the leverage points, where just a phone call or meeting can make a big impact?

WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS, NOT IN YOUR BUSINESS: Logan and I have been doing less consulting, even at $500/hour, because passive income is so much better.

We had to burn the midnight oil running an agency the last couple years to be able to get the experience necessary to be able to build courses. 

And then be able to train up others to run projects, following our checklist-driven courses.

What can you get off your plate by delegating out?

Where is passive, scalable income for you?