Those who wouldn’t have paid for it now won’t hassle you, potential clients now see you’re someone they want to talk to, and “competitors” will want to partner with you.

Don’t be afraid of those who would “steal” from you, since implementing is much harder.

Plus, if you’re good, by the time they’ve digested even 10% of what you’ve shared, you’ve already progressed another 10 miles down the road.

If you don’t have world-class knowledge to share, based on your own direct, step-by-step documentable execution, that’s okay, too.

Partner with those that do– see them as mentors, not competitors.

Ask them how you can join their team to learn, even if means working for peanuts.

Most of you aren’t succeeding because you’re hiding under a rock, afraid of snakes out there– and that means nobody knows about you, especially those who would help you if only they knew.

In today’s modern age, there is no reason you can’t succeed!