What’s easier— to close a deal in person with someone you already know or to close a deal with a total stranger from landing page copy that you wrote?

Of course, the answer is the former. But what people don’t realize is this…

If you aren’t able to close a deal in person, then how likely are you able to write copy to close a deal on-line?

To be able to scale, start by doing the things that don’t scale– by learning how to talk to our warm leads and interested community members.

Know our audience– who are they, what are their challenges, and how do they see us?

Understand the conversations that lead up to conversion, which are beyond what you see here with impressions and clicks.

Most of our VIPs come from me talking to people in person or online after they have consumed our content.

Would you agree that if you don’t know and aren’t able to do what I’m doing, that crafting landing pages to convert is nearly impossible?

By engaging with our community, replying to EVERYONE, we not only understand them better and also show we care.

Ads drive the first touch in the conversation– and when they engage, we must reply.

How will this change your approach to driving conversions?