I get more engagement and sales on LinkedIn than most of the Linkedin consultants who talk all day about how to be successful building your brand on LinkedIn.

This tells me that there’s no “secret formula” to drive engagement and sales on LinkedIn.

Just like there’s no magic phrase to say to a random woman to get her to fall in love and marry you at first sight.

What’s worked for me:

– Focusing on building relationships with a few key people.

– Doing everything I can to create value for them and show I care.

– Have the patience to know that when they have an opportunity, they’ll reach out to me first and bring me in.

– Lifting up people I believe in– sharing their knowledge and being grateful, since that generates more sales, more referrals, and more friends.

– Do this repeatedly over time, to build a base of raving fans, partners, employees, and customers.

What’s worked for you?