Just got laid off, has 5 kids, and needed work urgently.

I was trying to hire her, since I knew she had the skills– but I wasn’t able to coordinate key details.

The anxiety and emotion of the last couple weeks had her in a panic state, preventing her from being able to listen.

Imagine you’re a 911 operator…

People are calling you in a state of emergency.

It’s your job to listen at first, show empathy, and then provide instruction.

When someone is in a state of panic, they aren’t able to properly reason or listen.

I know this is true for me (and you, too)– so if I’m feeling any sort of emotion, especially fear, I will defer making a decision.

The decision you make under panic and fear is one you will regret later.

Some people use the HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) method to diagnose and relieve problems.

I did end up hiring her, but it could have been a lot easier.

Be okay with slowing down and repeating yourself.

We’re in a crisis, so be ultra-sensitive to how people are feeling.

Pretend you’re a 911 operator, being calm when others are in panic– even though you’re facing real challenges, too.