Image courtesy of Barron Mills

Nobody wants to think they’re a bad person. So by cutting you down, they lessen the evil of what they’ve done to you.

When you spot someone bad-mouthing you, start looking for what they’ve done and you’ll find that hidden sin.

When they accuse you of stealing or cheating for no reason at all, they probably just did that to you.

The human mind wants to compensate, as even serial killers in their minds truly believe they are good— even to the point of rationalizing their behavior as a worthy crusade.

When they attack you, also look at their motive. Even ask them if they have a logical reason, instead of an emotional one.

Odds are they are just trying to lower you down to their level instead of trying to help you or do something good for society.

Next time you’re attacked, you’ll quickly spot what they’ve been hiding.

So don’t take it personally, any more than a wild animal who got his paw caught in a trap and is lashing out at you.

Behind the anger, you will find fear and pain every time.