Get your work done first– THEN check Facebook.

Let’s be honest– what’s more important, stuff on your list that you KNOW you need to get done or mindlessly scrolling through Facebook for whatever random stuff you might find?

Most people scroll through Facebook as an avoidance technique– to put off that one scary thing they need to do– that uncomfortable phone call, that proposal they need to write, or something critical, yet super valuable.

That thing you’ve been avoiding for weeks– you know it will take you only a few minutes, once you commit to actually doing it.

And the reason you’re “busy” is not because you have a lot going on, but because you’ve been putting off key things, letting them stack up like weeks of dishes in a kitchen sink.

My buddy, Brian Solis, wrote Lifescale as the antidote for this– go get the book now.

Deleting Facebook from your phone or removing your account entirely is not necessarily the answer– any more than someone trying to lose weight commits to never eating out again.

There is tremendous value in Facebook when you have discipline. So the Facebook addiction as a cigarette analogy isn’t exactly right, since smoking in moderation doesn’t make sense.

Tell me, are you addicted to Facebook, like I’ve been, from time to time? Are you struggling with getting stuff done and frustrated with not achieving the goals you KNOW you’re capable of achieving?

How do you feel about Facebook and what’s your tip on the cure for our Facebook addiction?