Logan Young, and John Jonas talk about why we use Onlinejobs.ph to hire VAs and new prospects, and why you should too.

John: Hey! This is John and Logan again. Up here on the roof of my house.


Logan: Beautiful scenery of Utah.


John: It’s wonderful.


Logan: Yeah. It’s, I mean I live in Arizona, it’s a desert, so a place all these mountains with cactuses and..


<< both laughing>>


John: So, I know that you have hired a bunch of VAs in the Philippines. I know you’ve hired some of them from onlinejobs.ph, which is my website, obviously. Tell me about your experience in using it. Is it positive? How many people are you finding? Are you getting a lot of applicants? What, How has it been?


Logan: It’s been great! Very positive. We’ve been super happy with the success we’ve had. And, you know, obviously, everything’s super organized, by like the tasks they’re able to do and what vertical they fit in to. 


So, for us, we’ve run them all through our process and we did a research and we have a full team of VA’s now working with us, all sourced from your site that we visit with them in person. They’re great, fantastic people, hard workers, loyal, everything you hope for. Right? So, for us, it’s been a good experience like beginning to end.


John: Sweet! So, when you guys use it, so there’s a couple of different ways like I will search resumes and contact people, how do you guys, do you guys post a job? What do you do?  What’s your job process?


Logan: We post jobs. We have 6 different roles we’re trying to fill such as we do a ton of videos, as you guys can see, so we’re looking for video editors; we’re looking for people who can manage — do operations; people who can do design because we have different guides and stuff. So, again we have 6 major roles that we are trying to fill. So, based off of those, we post, and then, from there we send them through our qualifying process and we’ve had pry over a thousand applicants but.


John: Through individual job posts?


Logan: Overall. Yeah. Because I mean, it’s like a funnel in marketing. Right? You cast them wide into the top and when you get to the bottom you know, like the cream of the crop, right,  the, let’s see another Latin phrase, the diamond in the rough.


John: Yeah yeah.


Logan: Yeah!


John: Yeah. So, you’ve had a thousand applicants and you guys have a filtering process that just brings in few and outcome the really good ones at the bottom.


Logan: Yeah. Yeah. So, along the way, you know we’re checking for things, we are preempting all the problems that we’ve seen. So, we’re pre-empting people that aren’t going to be strong in communicating, that aren’t as qualified maybe as the resume says for their skills, these different things. 


So, we’ll ask them to do these things in part of qualifying process. So, along the way people are just, you know, they’re not the right fit, and then, you get to the bottom. Then those people are the ones.