Jason A. Miller is literally a rockstar, as he is a full-time photographer and has a full-time gig running content marketing globally for LinkedIn.

He has a book out, filled with photos of rock legends and the stories behind them.

I first met Jason when he was at Marketo, after having a 10-year career in the music industry, working for companies such as Sony. His insatiable thirst to become a pro impressed me so much back then that I made a note to follow him as a rising star.
Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him grow and speak in cities all around the world.

Here he is speaking about at C3 2017:

He hates sleep. Because he feels like he’s behind. He has a truly incredible bias for action. One time, I had to get an article out for AdWeek and he graciously gave me time to interview him in-between speaking sessions. He did the same thing again by building a video course with us at LinkedIn’s London offices with only minutes to go before he had to give a keynote speech at the Adobe Summit.

Jason’s more than a student of the game, he’s a true professional. He’s just like, Steph Curry or Lebron James, the first to arrive for practice and the last to leave.

He’s got incredible humility and is one of the toughest titans in digital marketing. And because of that… He gives back.

He teaches at UC Berkeley, despite a formidable travel schedule and a young one at home. He runs a podcast, has written several books, and speaks across the globe. Great teachers are great students too — just like a microphone is also a speaker when you reverse the current.

On top of all of that, he is a catalyst for others as well.

I was on a flight with no Wi-Fi and going through the exercise of who I think the best, most ethical marketers are that I know. And well…

He’s definitely at the top of that list.

The number of introductions that he has made for me plus the help he’s provided is enough to make anyone blush. I gave him a signed bottle of Jack Daniels but that’s just a small token of the endless gratitude I have for him.

Jason Miller is a positive force. I’ve never seen him lose his cool or bad-mouth others, though anyone of his caliber has certainly been taken advantage of once or twice before. He’s always gracious, even when under pressure. And he has never resorted to tactics used by motivational speakers.

It doesn’t matter if he’s flying around the globe, taking pictures at concerts, speaking in different cities, teaching, or giving his undivided attention to help. It is just undeniable…

He is a true rockstar, not just in content marketing, but in life.

The world needs more Jason Millers– do you agree?