As a social media strategist, Heather Dopson‘s passion to help others grow their online presence is overwhelming. She understands utilizing social means more than marketing, distribution channels, and cute pictures of cats.

Formerly the Social Operations Manager at Infusionsoft, she built the social business infrastructure by implementing Social Customer Service, Social Voice of Customer, Social Recruiting and Employee Social Advocacy programs.

Heather continues to help others with their business’s social presence with honest criticism, empowering owners and employees alike to get involved socially.

Here’s some facts about her:

1) Before becoming a social operations manager, she was in the Air Force and was a cop.  And this gave her the toughness to be able to deal with people of all walks of life.  If you’re running social in your company, you’ll have to pick your battles with others in marketing, operations, customer care, IT, creative, SEO, and so forth.

2) She has a hedgehog named Viggo. Her dog died last year, but Viggo is a prickly friend.  He weighs in at just under one pound.

3) Her passion is educating and helping small businesses succeed. She guided development of Infusionsoft products, employee engagement and customer education.

4) She made it her mission to stop the confusion of Internet Marketing and be the guiding light for businesses and individuals wanting to leverage the immense power of Social Media.

5) She teaches classes focusing on Facebook and online marketing as she understands the tremendous value in educating the masses about the lucrative power of the Internet.

6) She believes in the importance of empowering employees to build a brand.

7) Although she is a Native Texan, she grew up on a working ranch in Oklahoma and has been riding horses since she was in her mother’s belly.

8) She strongly believes fear is what holds most brands back from truly harnessing the power of social media.

9) She is known for her brutal honesty. She’ll say what needs to be said even if you don’t want to hear it.

10) Heather’s main inspiration for social are Jay Baer and Gary Vaynerchuk, helping businesses understand how to weave social into their marketing plans.

11) She believes if everyone truly provided exceptional customer service, brands could reduce their spending on lead gen, marketing and retention plans.

12) She will always be the voice for the voiceless & stand up for the underdog.


If you’re ever in need of good social advice or just someone awesome to follow, give Heather a shout: