Google PPC pros have long-awaited this.

First off, relax!
You don’t need to do anything with your existing campaigns.
Each of your ads lives in their own ad set (or ad group, as most people call them).

Budgeting and end dates are at the ad group level.
So now you don’t need to create one campaign per post anymore.
Fewer campaigns to manage, less mess!

There is a new tab to look at ad sets, just like you used to look at campaigns and ads.

And the on-off toggle buttons are cute.

To be able to see pacing ($X of $Y spent) or delivery status is interesting for an agency.
But you’ve had this data all along, anyway.

The best way to use ad sets is to test out creative combos.
Within an ad set, you’d have multiple ads, each with different targets, but against a particular post.

It’s no different than Google AdWords, where you have ad groups that are around the testing of ads. The reason why they’ve been called “ad groups” the last 15 years, as opposed to “interest groups” is that it’s around ad copy.

On Facebook, it’s about the organic post creative that you’re amplifying.

And the campaign is still by objective.
So the audience > engagement > conversion framework is still rock solid.

What do you guys think?