You can do some crazy data mining on your competitors and your own page right now.

And you may have noticed that Facebook can make recommendations based on what you might like.

Not everyone gets the same recommendations, since the search results are sorted by where you live, what your friends like, where you’ve checked in, and even what your friends of friends like.

We hear that the number of reviews does influence rankings, as opposed to the actual rating, but it’s hard to say whether this is an effect of having more activity vs just having more reviews.

Facebook knows who your best friends are, or at least thinks they do

And you can ask who are the best friends of other people, whether or not you’re friends with them.

But even Mark Z himself said they’re only 1% of the way there in rolling out graph search.
Imagine you could pull out any piece of information at your fingertips?

Graph search on posts is still coming, released first in New Zealand and the US, and then to other countries.

Meanwhile, I think photo search is pretty cool, especially in writing blog posts like this.

This is my buddy, Kenny, who is VP of Marketing at the Golden State Warriors. He takes good care of us.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?

Graph search will make it that much easier to pull up any piece of information on anyone by where they were, who else was there, and so forth.

But the real power is going to be when everything in the graph database will be available to you. And then when Facebook can predict what you want to do, where you will go next, and who you will hang out with.

Then, they can gently suggest it to you.

It will be so good, you’ll love the recommendation.
And you’ll appreciate it, even if advertisers are paying to show them.

Facebook’s value is proportional to the size of their database and how well they can extract these recommendations.

The ultimate currency is not money.
It’s your reputation.

So don’t freak out and make a tin foil hat or delete your profile.

Embrace the borg, the Google Glass, Siri, Microsoft Bob, or whatever cartoon character is most soothing to you.

Tell me in the comments below how you feel.
Are you excited, worried, indifferent?