No joke.

A steady stream of cold water coming down on me.
Raindrops keep falling on my head, they keep falling…

So we wanted Delta to know about it– to have a little fun.

As before, we used the micro-targeted ads trick.
These choice nuggets have been working like a charm for years.

My buddy, Alex Houg, put the video on youtube, while Max put up the ads.

We targeted the 140 folks who work at the major airlines in their headquarters cities and are executives. On Facebook, that’s 140 people.


As you can see, we were able to reach 114 of them, which is 81%.
And we were able to get 17 of these folks to click on it, which is 15%.

So over half the video views are from airline executives.

Interestingly, we got more clicks from executives at American Airlines and United than other airlines. Perhaps they have larger workforces or PR teams that care more.

We didn’t get any clicks from Delta.

7 of the 34 folks who are executives at United airlines clicked to watch the video.

Notice that we have broad category targeting of “executives and management”.
We could target by the actual job titles as precise interests, but it will likely be smaller.

And it’s highly likely that some of the folks who saw this video forwarded it along to colleagues.
What United exec wouldn’t get a chuckle by sharing this with a co-worker?

So the true “cost per click” is understated.

With awareness or activism campaigns, it’s more about reaching just a few people than about trying to maximize the CTR or getting lots of clicks. You need only to get noticed from that particular person to achieve your objective– and it doesn’t even require a click.

Above, you can see the frequency is 3 to 4, meaning that the average person saw the newsfeed post 3 or 4 times. So while we reached 114 people, we served about 500 impressions.

Total cost of $10.26– the price of going to the movies.