He’s a big Jayhawks fan.


And a fan of the Chiefs– even got the previous head coach fired.
Master storyteller, media manipulator and stand-up comedian.
Makes his corporate presentations funny, too.
He sprinkles animated gifs into his presentation– try it!

Social in real life translates into social online. Do you think big people are inherently funnier?
We’re both BIG fan of 24 Hour Fatness.
We didn’t sleep much.
Since we were plotting how to drive marketing awesomeness on current events. If you were a company in the SF bay area, what would you do here?
And having used his Technorati podcast series to interview Jay Baer, Brian Clark, Joe Pulizzi, and others– he can get more. Maybe Zuck is next?
Watch his new company, Media Think Labs, to see what he and friends concoct.