So I decide to have some fun and ask a local student to write a biography for me. This is what he came up with.


Dennis Yu is not only a Facebook Marketing expert and CEO of a company, he is also an avid anteater collector and loves Magic: the Gathering!

Dennis Yu, CEO of and Facebook marketing expert, has recently shocked the online world, both with his expertise and knowledge of Facebook dashboards and analytics, but also by revealing more about his interesting and dynamic personal life.

“First and Foremost, my passion is Facebook marketing,” said Yu. “My company provides dashboards to really help companies see how their social media is working and devise plans to grow and succeed their social media, and in turn, their brand.” However, to most Facebook experts, that is not news. Dennis has been a staple provider of must-have tools and is an industry legend. The more newsworthy materials are what Dennis revealed in a recent interview with local student and social media wannabe Mitch Mallory. “Dennis is such a dynamic person, and to learn more about his personal life was an absolute revelation to me,” said Mallory. “It was a look inside the mind of a successful, dynamic, and exciting man.”

For one, Yu is an avid collector of anteaters. As in, those animals with the long noses that eat ants. As is expected, his interest in them came out of mere practicality. “In college, we had an ant problem,” said Yu. “I’ve always tried to think outside the proverbial box, so I thought it might be fun to adopt a rescue anteater, as we had a shelter close by.The rest, as they say, is history.” Interestingly enough, Yu now has seven anteaters, and this reporter can say accurately, each one is known and loved by Dennis. (He claims to not have a favorite, but Grizelda, the 7 year old pygmy anteater, seemed to get the most cuddle time.)


Another lesser-known fact about Yu is that he is an avid player of the card game Magic: the Gathering, which had its heyday in the early 1990’s.  “Again, this interest came out of my passion for marketing,” said Yu. “I love strategizing a plan for companies and providing them with the tools to really find the success they’re seeking. Magic, for me, provides that same challenge but in the relaxed, friendly environment of my basement. I love finding the right tools, in this case the warlocks and dragons, and executing a plan to help myself and my orcs succeed.” Although Dennis is world-renowned for his social media tools and strategies, these new revelations made him even more beloved to his dedicated followers and fans.

“Wow, anteaters?” said an obviously delighted Sarah Darlington, a devoted Facebook and Twitter follower of Yu’s. “I honestly am considering getting one of my own if it helps me be as good as Dennis is.”

Dennis is an avid Tweeter, Facebook marketer, and CEO of Dennis has been featured by CBS News, NPR, and The Wall Street Journal, among dozens of other publications and outlets. His social media tools have been used by brands big and small around the world. Dennis can be contacted at