I had a chance to catch up with PJ Glassey– a world class stair climbing athlete (yes, he bounds to the top of tall buildings across the globe) and the owner of X Gym in Seattle.  PJ is also the personal trainer of Gillian Muessig, who introduced me to PJ and helped me get my butt kicked many an early morning.  So PJ….

DY: I’m an internet geek, like many of the folks here, whether they admit it or not. We spend a lot of time in front of a computer, butts in the seat of a chair in an office or in the sky.  What advice do you have for us regarding fitness?

PJ: High intensity training is perfect for sedentary occupations, because it is opposite in every way to that type of job. The X Gym workout is short too (20 minutes) and that lends itself well to internet geeks who don’t usually have much time to workout because they are typically workaholics. Besides being short, the X Gym workout and intensity level, provides results in strength, tone, definition, cardio and endurance, so it’s kind of like a one-stop shop for your workout needs.
DY: What makes you the best personal trainer in Seattle?
PJ: I have studied exercise science since 1985, received my B.S. degree in 1989 and was certified soon after. The main thing that qualifies me though, is the continual research I do. I spend 10 or more hours per week researching the latest scientific studies and learning the best new ideas to create even better methods for my clients at the X Gyms.
DY: What kinds of things have you learned from marketing your business on Google and Facebook?
PJ: SEO rocks. You have to get on the first page organic to be discovered. Top 3 is best. Our website is one of our top assets. Facebook is great exposure and has helped us tremendously in getting fans for our page and letting the word out for events and promotions. It’s also the best way to target specific population segments. Nothing else comes close.
DY: Anything else you’d like to add?

PJ: Exercise is great, and we do have the best exercise methods, but proper nutrition is key to getting lean, staying healthy, and having a clear mind. My book “Cracking Your Calorie Code”  spells out what the latest science has to say about that and my DVD “X Gym Workout Protocol #1” shows the best new concept for exercise. It is truly the first legit fitness revolution since traditional training was invented back in 1891.

// By the way– the picture here is real, not photo shopped. PJ actually looks like this.