If you don’t know what SmartLipo Denver means as a search term, then you’re likely not a 40 year old female who wants to look a little better, but is concerned about the effects of traditional liposuction– the potential scarring, cost, and downtime.  Ok– enough shilling.  There are a few cosmetic surgeons in Denver, though I can tell you that Dr. Verebelyi has more lasers in his office than anyone else in a 5 state region– more than the university.

We visited his office a few weeks ago for a tour and went from treatment room to treatment room.  Each room had a different laser- a Ferrari, he said, since that’s about what each one of them costs. Just imagine a parking lot full of Ferraris- a couple million bucks worth.   But just because each of these machines cost that much doesn’t mean the good doctor drives a Ferrari– it just means that his business has invested that much and needs to pay it off over the next few years.  And to keep current, you have to keep buying these lasers.  The interesting things you see– all in a day’s work of doing local internet marketing for small businesses.

From a SEO standpoint, I used one of his main keywords– “denver smartlipo” in this post, linking back to his site.  I only linked once because Google doesn’t count the second link to the same domain from a page. Do it too many times and it looks like spam anyway. Each link out should be to a unique domain– so I put a second link to BlitzMetrics, with the anchor text using the keywords that we want to rank on.  Should you need to help local service businesses move up in local search results, you should try these techniques, too.